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About TopConversion

Why is it named as TopConversion?

We would like to deliver two important messages to our clients.

Firstly, we aim to help the clients to get top conversion results through our very hardworking. This is our dedicated target!

Secondly, we are confident in our knowledge, skills and experiences that can bring better conversion results than competitors to our clients, and make the target become true!

The name will remind us to keep the two points in our minds, and drive up our passions for excellence.

Working As A Digital Bridge Between West and China

TopConversion would like to be, and is playing as a role of 'digital bridge' between West and China. In one direction, we help Uk, Europe, America clients to sell their products & services to China through Chinese search engines (Baidu, Sogou, 360), Wechat, Weibo, and E-shops in Tmall & JD. In other direction, we help Chinese companies to promote their products & services to Western countires through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Company Director

The director, Dr Sam Chen, has been engaged in ecommerce, Internet marketing for more than 15 years, and ever worked as PPC specialist, senior PPC manager at international leading multilingual, bilingual digital marketing agencies in UK. He have managed a variety of PPC campaigns for American and European companies through platforms such as Google, Baidu, Naver, Bing, Unica, LinkedIn and Facebook. He is a certificate holder of Google Analytics, Adwords Professional, Google Video Advertising, Baidu and Bing Ads. Sam also has e-commerce website development experience.

Sam got Bachelor degree (Mechanical Engineering), Master degree (Operational Research) in China; and Post-graduate Diploma (Software Development), PhD (Knowledge Management) in UK.