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Baidu PPC

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China search engine market share

In China search engine market, Baidu holds 58% of the market share, Haosou (Qihoo 360) 30%, Sogou 11%, others 1%. So Baidu is No.1 search engine in China. We can provide PPC services in all the platforms for you. Specifically:

  • Baidu search, display and brand zone
  • Haosou search and display
  • Sogou search, display and brand zone
  • Chinese Google Adwords

The following introduction will focus on Baidu PPC, other platforms are similar to Baidu.


Similarities between Baidu PPC and Google Adwords

Baidu PPC shares a lot of similarities with AdWords.

Firstly, its account structure (account, campaign, ad group, keyword) is similar to AdWords.

Secondly, meanings, principles (or rules) in quality score, ranking, DKI, destination URL, display URL, keyword destination URL, and ad extensions work similarly to AdWords. For example, keyword destination URL overwrites ad landing URL, just like in AdWords.

Thirdly, Baidu PPC also has a display network, and can do re-targeting campaigns.

Finally, like AdWords, Baidu PPC also has tools such as MCC, change history, optimisation suggestions, ad preview, keyword tool, keyword planner (i.e. evaluation tool), SQR, data report, conversion tracking, analytics (i.e. Baidu Tongji), and editor.

Differences between Baidu PPC and Google Adwords

Keyword match types

AdWords has broad match modifier, Baidu PPC doesn’t. However, Baidu PPC divides phrase match types into three sub-types: phrase-core, phrase-synonym, and phrase-exact. So Baidu PPC has a total of six match types.

PPC ads display in different ways

AdWords displays PPC ads at the top left, right-hand side, and bottom left areas of the first search results page. The top left area may contain up to 3 ads; the right-hand side may contain up to 8 ads, and may continue onto the second results page; and bottom left area may contain up to 3 ads. One ad can only show once on a single search results page, so if an ad already appears at the top of a page, it will not appear at the bottom of the same page.

Like AdWords, Baidu PPC also displays ads at the top left, right-hand side, and bottom left areas, but the display rules are more complicated.

  • If a search query is highly relevant to a PPC ad’s keyword and ad content, this ad will be displayed at the top of the search results page without background colour and labelled as ‘Tuiguang’ (推广 in Chinese). There could be up to 8 such ads.
  • In general, PPC ads will be displayed at the top left and bottom left areas, with background colour, and labelled as ‘Tuiguang link’ (推广链接in Chinese). There could be up to 5 such ads. The ads displayed at the bottom are exactly the same as those at the top. Therefore, on Baidu, one ad can show twice on a single search results page.
  • Up to 8 different PPC ads can also be displayed at the right-hand side of the first and second search results pages, if there are enough ads for the user’s search query.
  • If displayed together with brand ads from Brand Zone or Brand Landmark, brand ads will be the top.

Our Baidu PPC management services

Our Baidu PPC management services will include but not limited to:

  • Baidu account openning
  • Account structure development
  • Chinese keyword research
  • Long tail keyword development
  • Keyword grouping
  • Exclude negative keywords
  • Ad copywriting and optimization
  • Keyword quality score optimization
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Baidu analytics (i.e. Baidu Tongji)
  • Customised reporting