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Case studies

MFC (Google PPC)

MFC is a famous football club, and sells T-shirts, shorts, trousers, socks, and souvenirs to its football fans around the World through its online shops in different languages.

The club ever asked an agency to do Google Adwords PPC campaigns for them to promote the sales to their football fans in Germany, France, Italy and Spain through German, French, Italian and Spanish. The optimisation target was COS (cost of sales) 20% or less. The agency couldn't reach the target, and COS for Italy was even more than 50%. The club was unsatisfied with the performance and thus switched to us.

We re-organised account structures, did keyword research and expansion, re-grouped the keywords, refined existing ads and created new ads, created new sitelinks, made better bids to drive good COS performing keywords to top positions, and paused poor performing keywords. These strategies and measures improved campaign performance dramatically, particularly, COS performances for the four countries all reached the target (i.e., COS 20% or less), COS for some campaigns were just 5%.

The club was satisfied with our performance, and extended contract from 3 months trial to 1 year, and then 1 more year.



UPS is a famous logistics company, wanted to increase its market share in China, and thus asked us to do Baidu PPC for them, optimisation target was to get conversions (i.e., place order) as many as possible.  

We created Baidu account for them, developed account structures, made Chinese keyword research, grouped keywords, wrote up Chinese Ad copies, created sitelinks and phoenix images, classified keywords into 4 groups (very good converting keywords, good converting keywords, converting keywords, non-converting keywords) based on their converting performance, used different bidding strategies for the 4 groups.

The above strategies and measures were very effective, and produced very good conversion performances. The client was obviously glad to work with us, and even made monthly budget reach £70K for December, 2014.

Toluna Naver PPC

Toluna has very good reputation in the area of survey and consultancy, and was interested in promoting its services through Naver PPC in South Korea. Optimisation targets are clicks and CPC.

Due to unique requirements of Naver PPC on keyword match type and 1 to 1 connection between keywords and ads, their campaign management was very time consuming. We tried very hard to manage the campaigns to get clicks as many as possible and also control CPC as low as possible. Our hard working earned trust from the client to extend contract from 3 months trial to 1 year, and then 1.5 more years.

Tmall shop for Vitabiotics

Vitabiotics is a famous health care brand in UK, and planned to sell 7 series of products (i.e., Pregnacare, Jointace, Osteocare, Perfectil, Wellkid, Wellwoman, Wellman) to Chinese people through Chinese e-commerce platform - Tmall (a product of Alibaba) in 2014.

Through working with our partners in China, the Tmall shop layout design, webpage development, Chinese text content creation, products storage arrangement, staff recruitment (i.e., shop management, communication and services in Chinese) had been done within 6 months.The shop successfully went online in September, 2015.

The sales performance is quite encouraging, and now more and more Chinese people are buying health care products from the shop, particularly, Osteocare products are very popular.

Wechat for Education Smart

Education Smart is a small UK company that provides guardian service, summar services for Chinese kids. We created a public account for them in Wechat - the most popular social media platform in Chin , and regularly published promotion messages and advertisements to attract targeting Chinese parents and kids.  

Through one year hard working, fans were increased from initially 20 people to nearly 1000, and kids who joined UK summer schools were increased from 5 students in 2015 to 46 in 2016. Students with guardian service were aso increased by 2 times.