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Selling online in China without having a company in China!

China ecommerce retail platforms

China has become the world’s largest e-commerce market. Its e-commerce retail sales reached $589.61 billion, accounting for over 40% of the global e-commerce retail sales in 2015. The e-commerce market in 2018 is expected to reach $1.57 trillion according to eMarketer. So this is a huge market that can be ignored by any international business.

The most famous and popular B2C platforms in China are Tmall/Taobao (including Tmall Global), JingDong (JD), Yihaodian.

Tmall, the No.1 platform created by Alibaba Group, is enabling businesses to sell directly to millions of consumers throughout China since it was established in April 2008. It has dominated more than half of China ecommerce retail market, and has more than 70,000 international and Chinese brands, more than 50,000 merchants and shops, and can access to more than 180 million buyers. Particularly, Tmall Global, as China’s cross border B2C platform, provides a cross border business model for many foreign brands and retailers to create their online presence in Greater China, and soon will become world’ s biggest ecommerce site.

JD, the second largest platform, has approx 38,000 merchants, more than 60 million registered users and thousands of suppliers across the country, more than 500,000 orders per day and more than 100 million visits every day.

Some western companies have already build up flagship stores or franchise stores in Tmall Global/JD and directly sell products/services to Chinese people. However, there are still quite a lot of western companies that don’t know how to set up such stores, particularly feel hard to meet Tmall/JD’s requirements that oversea brands must provide Chinese customer service and any product returns should be handled in China. To sort out these issues, we provide end-to-end one stop solution to help clients from establishing Chinese Tmall/JD stores, and managing store content to providing Chinese customer services.

The following are basic information about how to do online shopping in Tmall Global/JD.


Tmall Global

Only the businesses that meet the following conditions can apply to join Tmall Global:

Requirements for merchants

  • Company must be registered in Foreign Country
  • Merchants should own trading license
  • Brand ownership supporting documents
  • Merchants should have 100% authentic products
  • Well-Known Foreign B2C merchant / retailers
  • Well-Known Foreign brands who have no official presence in China
  • Must have a turnover of over CNY 100,000,000 in the previous year.

Operational requirements

  • Overseas brands must provide Chinese customer service
  • Any product returns should be handled in China
  • All Products on Tmall Global must meet specific standard. For example, Product Title must include “brand name” + “product name” + “other descriptions(specification/style/material)”.

How much does it cost

  • Security Deposit: $25,000 one-time fee in case of any damages occurred
  • Annual Fee: USD $5000 or $10,000 depending on the product category
  • Commission Fee: 5% - 10% based on product categories including a 1% Alipay service fee will be charged per item sold.

TopConversion can help you in opening and operating your Tmall Global store 

Consulting and relationship management

  • Establish Alipay & Tmall account
  • Advice on Tmall store type & related fee
  • Tmall relationship
  • Complete auditing process and submission of necessary information

Set up your store in Tmall Global

  • Shop design (Tmall template + Customization as an option)
  • Layout change & front-end integration (optional)
  • Product content optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Traffic building

Marketing and promotion

  • Consulting - Promotion campaign configuration & budget allocation
  • Campaign Management
  • Set up campaign on Tmall Shop
  • Follow up campaign & optimization
  • Promotion channel analysis
  • Connect with available Taobao communities

Operation management

  • Site administration: QA,staging configuration,site settings
  • Content management: Webmastering,Merchandising ,Web Design, Content and Catalog management
  • Sales administration: Monitor order status & handle exception
  • Financial administration: Process credits or refunds

Distribution management

  • Define distribution strategy based on the product category and market competition
  • Prepare marketing material for distribution communication.

JD (JingDong)

JD has more or less similar requirements as Tmall for opening and operating stores. TopConversion can provide full services for you as well if you really want to run your shop in JD. Please contact us for detail information.