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Naver PPC

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South Korea search engine market share

In South Korea search engine market, Naver holds 73% of the market share, Daum 20%, others 7%. So Naver is No.1 search engine in South Korea. We can provide PPC services in all the platforms for you. Specifically:

  • Naver search, display and brand search
  • Daum search and display
  • Korean Google Adwords

The following introduction will focus on Naver PPC, Daum is similar to Naver.

Advantages of Naver PPC

In comparison with Google Adwords, Naver PPC has benefits below. 

Show current rank for keywords

Adwords only shows you the average ranking position for keywords, however, Naver PPC displays not only the average position but also current rank. It is very helpful for you to avoid “blind” bidding.

Can show you how much you should bid for your chosen position

Again, exact match type only makes Search Ads able to see exactly how many bidders are competing for the same keyword, and can easily work out how much bid you should set for a specific position.

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Limitations of Naver PPC

Adwords is the best PPC platform in the world. Benchmarking it with any other PPC platforms will show you a lot of limitations, so Naver PPC shouldn’t be embarrassed by these. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Not easy to set up an account in Search Ads
  • You cannot advertise different websites in one account
  • No daily budget control in the campaign level
  • Only exact match type can be used
  • You cannot do SQRs by yourself
  • Only one-to-one relationship between keyword and Ad
  • It is very inconvenient to do A/B test
  • No automatic bidding
  • Not so easy to manually change an individual bid
  • For manual bidding, very limited option for making bulk changes to bids
  • No conversion metric shown on bidding dashboard
  • Limited label function
  • No filter and segmentation functions
  • No editor for offline campaign management
  • Limited option in customising reports

Our Naver PPC management services

Our Naver PPC management services will include but not limited to:

  • Naver account openning
  • Account structure development
  • Korean keyword research
  • Long tail keyword development
  • Keyword grouping
  • Exclude negative keywords
  • Ad copywriting and optimization
  • Keyword quality score optimization
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Google analytics
  • Customised reporting