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What is PPC

PPC, means pay per click, and is one of the most popular forms of online advertising. You bid on keywords relevant to your ad- generally the higher the bid, the higher the position in the listing - and the ad will only appear in the sponsored links when a visitor uses one of the keywords you have bid on. You only pay when a visitor actually clicks on your ad.

Two major benefits

PPC has two major benefits. Firstly, when a visitor types a search term into the search box of a search engine to get some information, he already has some (potential) needs for the products or services relevant to the search term. And only when your keyword(s) is relevant to or match the search term, your advert can be targeted and triggered to be exposed. Which means you can reach genuine potential customers every time. Secondly, if nobody clicks on your ad, you don't pay anything. So it is a very economical way for brand exposure.

Important things to consider

Paid Search is not just about clicks, rather driving the most relevant visitors to a site, in order to generate revenue. Therefore all aspects of the visitor journey must be managed. The important things to consider are:

  • Search engines - which ones are important? Are you targeting global search engines or specific local ones?
  • Adverts - Are they relevant and focused? Will they be attractive to users? Are they appropriate for each local market? Do they comply with the search engine requirements?
  • Keywords - How many? Which type of phrases will be targeted?
  • Landing pages - Will they convert the visitor into a buyer? Will they keep the visitors interest and prevent losing them again?
  • Path to conversion - Once on your site, which route does the visitor take on his or her way to conversion?​

What services can TopConversion offer

With search engines of Google, Baidu and Naver, TopConversion can offer  a full multilingual (English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish,...) paid search service from the campaign creation to implementation to on-going management. This process applies to each language in the campaign.

  • Research - The first stage of the process is research into search terms, search channels and the competition to ensure the most effective campaign will be created.
  • Planning - Ad copy needs to be written, landing pages need to be defined and tracking needs to be in place before a campaign can be launched. Rather than merely translating an advert into other languages, the team amend, and when necessary, re-write the adverts in order to ensure they project the right message in each target language and that they fit within the requirements of each advertising platform.
  • Implementation - Once all of the preparation is complete, accounts can be opened with each search engine being targeted and the bidding can begin.
  • Analysis - The campaign is monitored and managed through analytics software, allowing bidding strategies to be amended, positive and negative keywords to be uploaded and creatives to be reviewed. Keyword costs are monitored, as is their profitability. Continuous improvement is the key to all of our campaigns, in order to maximise your return on investment.
  • Reporting - Regular reports are compiled for each local campaign and all results, findings and suggested improvements are presented to the client.

For details, please read: Google Adwords, Baidu PPC and Naver PPC